Last Updated: Sunday, September 21, 2008
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Apple II Home Pages on the Web

You'd be surprised at how many Apple II aficionados maintain a presence on the World Wide Web. This list is changing frequently - new additions will be flagged as they appear! To find someone quickly on this list, use your browser's search function (e.g., in Lynx, hit the "/" key and type the word you want to search for on this page).

If you'd like add your address to this page, send it to the A2Web Webmaster!

Adams, Cindy

Aalbers, Huibert

Bennett, Richard

Behrens, Shawn

Blue, Jesse

Bookhout, Polly

Bucheim, Tim

Cavanaugh, Steve

Chappell, Jeanne

Christian, William

Church, James

Cianfaglione, Tony

Clairmont H.S., Rm 110


Cornelio, Louis

Damewood, Loren

Diaz, Tony


Draper, John (aka "Captain Crunch)


Drissman, Avi

Eddy, Alex (Arek)

Empson, David

Frank, Steven

Gagne, Ken

Garber, Bill

Goguel, Olivier

Gudat, Henrik

Guy, Rudy

Hancock, Vince

Harris, Tony

Heiss, Aaron

Hennessy, Brian

Hint, Michael

Horstmann, Andre

Isaacson, Damon

Jones, Gareth

Jones, Max

Juniel, Clayburn

Kellers, Tim

Keltner, Kent

Kerwood, David

Kohn, Joe

Long, Lazarus

Liethen, Peter

Lucke, Ken

Lundberg, Ed

Luoranen, Adam

Mahon, Michael

Maricondo, Jim

Martino, Anthony

Mates, Nathan

McFadden, Andy

McGovern, Mike

Miller, Dave

Mitchell, Kirk

Morgan, Steven L.

Muhammad, Hisham

Nelson, Greg

Nielson, Russell

Percival, Mark (DiskMaker 8)

Portune, Matt

Pulver, Aaron

Reade, Devin

Roughan, Andrew (Support for Dos3.3Launcher, Eclipse BBS, VirtualData, Drilldown, Skip'Em)

Sanford, James

Schultz, Andrew

Shepherd, Eric

Sherlock, Kelvin

Stiles, Clark Hugh (Chuck)

Suenaga, Ryan

Tabor, Jim

Taubert, Derek

Thompson, Joshua

Tribby, Dave

Victor, Bret

Wannop, Ewen

Ward, Tony

Watson, Peter

Webster, Daniel

Weiss, Geoff

Weyhrich, Steven

Zaleski, Paul

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