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 WELCOME to the AppleWorks Gazette, the newest Apple // magazine around. Here, while we'll focus on AppleWorks and what you can do with it, we'll also offer you other information pertinent to your use of your Apple. Of course, all material, where feasible, will be placed in AppleWorks format.

 AppleWorks is still one of the best written and supported integrated programs on the computer market. Its combination of power plus ease of use is definitely not easily found on any of the other platforms.

 The demise of ICON's TimeOut Central and the National AppleWorks Users Group left a void that we plan on filling with a disk-based, bimonthly publication about AppleWorks and the Apple II world. AppleWorks has had an almost mythical following. Its allure has been hard for its fans to define, and we're not about to try to do that here, ourselves, since we also have trouble defining ineffable terms. Suffice it to say that we enjoy using AppleWorks and want to continue helping others do the same, in a manner similar to the ease of use many of us became used to with the Forum.

 We are not trying to continue the work of NAUG; neither shall we try to become another TimeOut Central. The Gazette's formation was to help all of us from going thru withdrawal without an AppleWorks publication. Typical columns will include news about the latest AppleWorks events, reviews of Apple II hardware, views of the program internal structure, tips and techniques in programming, and reports about possible uses of AppleWorks. A special column for newcomers in the Apple II and AppleWorks world, and letters from readers are available. The AppleWorks Gazette also welcomes notes, articles, and software submitted by readers. The software section will include the best public-domain, freeware, and shareware AppleWorks-related programs. We hope to have both familiar names and new authors in the Gazette bringing you the information necessary to continue using your Apple // for many years to come.

The Apple // has proven itself to be a solid platform system, and capable of handling most if not all of your computing needs. AppleWorks, of course, figures heavily into most of these needs for a great many of us. With the release of Deja ][, AppleWorks enters a whole new era -- that of truly portable AppleWorks usage. Since Deja ][ is designed to run AppleWorks 5.1 on a Macintosh, including the PowerBooks; we promise that we won't mention the Mac unless it has to do with Deja ][ (well, we'll do our best!)

There's a lot of life left in the Apple //, and we promise to help you get the most out of it. We hope that you're planning on being in this with us for the long run.

The AppleWorks Gazette is here to help the promise once made by Apple Computer Corp., but since forgotten by them:

Apple ][ forever!

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